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A wedding is one of the excellent options you will be looking ahead to. But, one of the most important options you need to check out in this context can include taking a special care with the transportation requirements.

Let us check out a few important aspects of what you should take care of when arranging the wedding transportation.

Understand when to book your transportation
We would advise booking your wedding limo at least three months before the actual wedding day. Most of the service providers of wedding limo in Toronto allow booking wedding limo services around six months before the event. As soon as you have planned the event, and the locations such as date, ceremony and other reception locations – move ahead to book your wedding limo right away!

Whom should you transport?

Take the headcount of the people you want to transport. The people you would ideally carry can include the bride and the groom, the wedding party, siblings, and parents/grandparents. You may also need to transport close relatives or out of town guests in certain cases. A few other considerations you need to special attention can include the distance, the location, and other special requirements.

At what time should everybody arrive?

Picking everyone from their place can be one of the prime concerns. Make sure of your travel times before you call the guests to get ready. You can figure out the timing required for travelling by checking two to three routes and then finding the approximate timing. In case your locations of the wedding and the reception are at separate locations, it may be a good idea to arrange the transportation between the two locations.

Who pays for the cost?

Who pays for the transportation cost? That would be something you need to check out before finalising your preparations for the wedding transportation. Traditionally, it has been the bride’s family that pays for the transportation cost. However, of late – the cost is shared by both bride and groom’s families.

wedding limo toronto

How much does wedding transportation cost?

Ideally, it should be somewhere between $700 to $1000. However, the pricing can be dependent on a various features and factors. The type of vehicle, distance covered and the size of the vehicle can be a few features you may need to pay special attention to. It should be noticed that tips would amount to around 15 to 20 percent of the total value of your quote.

Well, those were a few tips that should assist you coming up with the best plans for arranging and handling the wedding transportation in a very effective manner. Conduct a reliable research into what you can expect from the limo service provider so that you can come up with the best options for a good service provider for your requirements.

Pick the right services for your needs and get access to an enhanced service quality for achieving the best standards for an enhanced experience. Improve your experience and make your wedding celebration a huge success.

Wedding Limo

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