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A wedding limo can indeed be one of the excellent options to make your wedding and the wedding transportation stand apart. However, hiring the best limo does not complete the task and make it extraordinary. The art of how to decorate a wedding limousine also assumes a lot of importance and essence.

While most of the limousine service providers offer a personalised decoration services for the limo rented from them, there ae cases where you may be looking to decorate it yourself. It may be worthwhile to check out a few fun ideas to decorate the wedding limousine to your heart’s content.

A few tips here may prove to be helpful in that context.

Use Window paint

Using window paint to depict and go in line with your wedding them can be one of the practical options to achieve better results. However, before applying any window paint or similar other decorating ideas to the limousine, make sure you have consulted the service provider. Most of the operators of wedding limousine in Toronto do allow you apply window paint, provided it does not involve any damage and an extensive cleaning.

You can write the funny messages on the windows. Or else you can use an innovative method to communicate to the world that the couple is just married. You can express your love for the couple through your funny messages.

Polaroid pictures

Yet another excellent option to decorate the wedding limo can be to fix those instant pictures that were taken from the event just now. In today’s smartphone photography and a wide range of best camera technology that lets you get instant images, that should definitely be much easy and simple.

The insides of the limo an have the faces of almost everyone at the event. This can further make it more memorable for the bride and groom or even for the entire wedding party. The images and photos can also be a great keepsake for the new couple.

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A gift basket

This may not be something you would consider decoration, but a pleasant and happy surprise for the new couple. You can pack in a small gift basket for their honeymoon and keep it in the limo even before the couple arrives.

The gift basket can be placed on the limo seat so that the couple will discover it when they move out of the reception and head to their limo. You can think of anything that can enhance the romance between them. A few good examples can be bottle of champagne, wine glasses, or a box of chocolate-covered strawberries.

Well, decorating a wedding limo can definitely be something you would find rather interesting and impressive. You may also ask for the special professional assistance for decorating the limo in such a way that it would remain an unforgettable event for the couple. However, before you can take up any sort of decoration on the wedding limousine you have hired, make sure that it can be cleaned up with least effort. Else, you may end up paying more on account of extra cleaning charges!

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