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Having a wedding and planning it is a huge investment and a big undertaking in itself. That is perhaps why most of the modern couples look forward to having a micro wedding. So, should you have a micro wedding? Let us try finding out if it is worth to have a micro wedding.

What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro wedding, by definition, is an intimate weeding where you have a very limited number of guests attending the event. Under most ideal conditions, a micro wedding has not more than 50 guests in total. The micro wedding does have all the traditional events that are necessary for a wedding, but theses activities are held on a smaller scale.

A micro wedding can be a great option to have a cheerful wedding ceremony with your loved ones. This can go a long way in promoting a great degree of togetherness and create a more intimate way for a new beginning of your life.

How to handle the micro wedding more effectively?

There are several ways you can have a wonderful micro wedding. There are several advantages that you stand to gain.

Some of the parameters that you may need to focus on can include

Make sure your imagination runs wild in planning the wedding

A micro wedding has lesser number of guests. This will mean you will have less work to handle, lesser number of people to please and have more space that you can celebrate. The small space requirements of a micro wedding ensure that you can rent out a few unique places for the event. If you are having a micro wedding, you can hire some unique places such as cafés, restaurants, bars, parks, galleries and practically anything that satisfies your creative level.

Customise your invite list

Yet another excellent option that can be powerful in having a great micros wedding is to invite different set of people for the different events. A wedding ceremony can have several events and activities. While a few activities may need a female gathering and a few others need a male presence. Planning your invites according to the activity can be one of the thoughtful ways to have a meaningful micro wedding.

Wedding limo Toronto

Hire a photographer after due research

Irrespective of whether you are hosting a micro wedding or a larger event, a professional photographer is the need of the hour. A micro wedding with a small guest list provides you with access to a phot shoot that can be unique and innovative. Make sure your photographer understands your wavelength better.

Having checked out all the options for the micros wedding, it is equally important to check out the options available for the best possible wedding transportation options. The reliable wedding transportation services such as Wedding limo in Toronto can prove to be quite practical and useful in the long run. These transportation services do provide you access to a completely powerful options in terms of an enhanced saving on budget. The wider degree of the vehicular fleet should be what would help you arrive at one of the best wedding transportation experiences ever.

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