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Who goes in a wedding limo - Toronto Wedding Limo
toronto wedding limousines

A wedding limousine is indeed something you would find quite an interesting option for practically all your needs or expectations in enjoying the best wedding experience ever. But, have you given a thought to find who would go into a wedding limo?

Who goes into a wedding limo?
With a wedding limo, it is ideally the bride and groom who are looked after as one of the excellent options. In fact, the size of the limo can be what would determine what will be available inside a limo and who can go inside a limo.

You can opt for a simple and convenient option for the best possible experience of the wedding transportation or choose to opt for a limo package that would go a long way in enhancing your experience of a party wedding.

The Limo Package

Most of the Toronto wedding limo service providers do provide you access to several packages for your wedding transportation. You can indeed have endless capabilities with respect to a great degree of performance enhancement.

The most basic option for a wedding limo package would be such that they would be large enough to seat the bride and groom. In such a limo, you will have a bottle of champagne and a couple of glasses for toasting to the joyous event. Most of the basic packages come with a satellite radio as well.

toronto wedding limousines

So, who would ride the Limo?

The answer to that question would be dependent on a wider range of parameters. The primary option among them would be the budget. The first and foremost, it is the bride and groom who are supposed to ride a wedding limo.

Under ideal conditions, the limo will have the bride and her father who brings her to the wedding venue. If he has time, he will move ahead to the groom’s place to pick him up and take him to the wedding venue as well. If the bride and groom decide so, they can have the parents and wedding party in the limo as well.

In case the wedding and reception are held at two different locations, it may be decided to host bride and groom in the limo to the reception venue from the wedding. If there is a larger vehicle, it can carry the parents and wedding party in the limo.

What else can you find in a wedding limo?
Apart form bride and groom, you will also find a few other amenities in the wedding limo as well. Some of the other amenity that you can expect in a typical Toronto wedding limo can include

  • Compact disc player
  •  Open bar
  • Neon flashing lights
  • Karaoke machine
  • Satellite radio
  • DVD player
  • Mini kitchen
  • Snacks
  • Dance floor

Please note that the presence of any of these amenities would largely be dependent on the budget you have set aside and the size of the vehicle that you have opted for.

Well, a wedding limo can be highly customised if you opt for the right type of service and vehicle. Research well into the service provider and get the best experience in terms of your wedding ceremony.

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