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Visiting a church or chapel may be rather easy. But, enjoying the day and making the best of everything can definitely be something you would find extremely great experience ever. Now that you have made arrangements for your wedding day and hired the best limo ever for that excellent experience ever, don’t you think you should find a few of the things that you should be focussed on when hiring a limo.

A few things you must carry in your wedding limo

A wedding is a special event by every count. You would definitely want it to be as memorable as possible. That is exactly why you would want to go with a limousine. There are several Toronto wedding limo services that have proved to be a great option for an enhanced experience in achieving the best results.

An umbrella

No matter whether it is likely to rain on the day of your wedding or not, but it would be a good idea to stay prepared with an umbrella by your side. That would be helpful to take care of your bridal wear.

Emergency kit for the bride and bridesmaids

The emergency kits would be helpful in ensuring that you are in good shape. You would not want to stay in good shape in almost every aspect on your wedding day.

A few of the worthy ingredients in an emergency kit can include

  • Smaller scissors for taking care of the wedding dress and issues with it
  • Band aids to help you address any cuts just in case
  • Tylenol or Advil or any other tablets if you have a history of migraines
  • Nail polish, remover and clippers for taking care of nail breaks or nail polish chips
  • Antacids to take care of the indigestion caused by the nervousness.
  • Breath mints for that first kiss, perhaps!

Make sure to include them in your personal baggage!


That is what would go without explanation. Ideally, you are not likely to get a good night’s sleep as a bride and that can further increase the feeling of thirst. Frequent doses of coffee can further dehydrate you and that should explain why having enough water is must. You can indeed feel hydrated and have enough energy boost levels if your intake enough water.

toronto wedding limo

A few snacks

Of course, a huge meal is awaiting and you would perhaps be sumptuous enough, but still there are chances that you will not get enough opportunity to bite your share of food. Having a few snacks in your limo can help you quench your hunger well in advance. Of course, no one wants to get married on an empty stomach, right?

Well, those should be a few of the ingredients worthy of mention that you are expected to carry on your wedding limo. By keeping the essential elements in the limo, you will ensure that you get the best possible wedding experience ever. Stocking the essential items well in advance can prove to be a great option to help you enjoy your wedding to its fullest extent.

Wedding Limo

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